Here are a few refreshingly simple ideas to introduce a balanced and active lifestyle by Gundula Henning.

Step 1 Find out what activity suits your personality

This is essential. It is not a whispered secret known to a few that being active helps us to remain young at heart, improves our quality of life, and makes it easier to face our day- to -day challenges. To imbed a lasting routine in our busy life styles it is best to find activities that suit your personality.  Also, embrace change! Acknowledge that adjusting or altering an old routine will revive your body’s senses and challenge your musculo-skeletal system to adapt to it constantly; and that’s a

good thing. It is important to challenge yourself and try out activities you haven’t done before. Constant adaptation will improve your coordination and balance. It will also improve your joint mobility and strengthen your muscles functionally along the way. Both your body and mind will appreciate a new stimulus….

Step 2 Take a look inside, check your body balance

Once you have a rough game plan of what your goals are and which path of activities you would like to pursue, it is time to screen your body to see if there are any asymmetries or imbalances in your body. And all of us find something!

The body balance screen at LUX*ME, a short explanation:

Check out the video

Most fundamental and basic movement patterns of your body go un-assessed. Over time asymmetries or weaknesses can occur, leaving your body prone to injuries, postural issues or limitations in your natural movements. Our body balance screen is a system that looks at the basic movement patterns of your body.  By looking at the body’s basic movements, we will be able to identify limitations, weaknesses and asymmetries.  We want to avoid feeding into weaknesses or imbalances or injuries. Before you start your journey, you need to be aware of what is going on in your body.

Step 3  Balance your routine, enjoy your journey

Our bodies are amazing! From the day we are born we are active and know how to express joy and pain. We are meant to move and if the dosage and balance are right and we listen to our bodies we discover that an equilibrium of energising activities, de-stressing calm times and restorative rest periods that suit our “wants” and “needs” improve our lives tremendously and for years to come.

If the balance is wrong, your body will start sending you signals in a variety of forms. This can be expressed in the form of headaches or show in the form of injuries due to ignored weaknesses’ or imbalances. It can also be seen when repetitive overuse of one muscle group is happening, or in “stress” bellies due to hormonal imbalances . Weakened immune systems are also a good indicator, the list is long but the message remains the same. Our bodies come with powerful, sensitive and accurate warning systems. Ignored long enough and we run ourselves into trouble. Likewise, provided the right approach to get the balance back, our healing capabilities are fantastic.

Step 4 Movement and Functionality

If we participate in activities we thoroughly enjoy, we are more likely to stick with it. Our train of thought at LUX*ME is focusing on the principle of a very functional approach: Functional training involves movements that are specific — in terms of mechanics, coordination and/or energetics — to one’s activities of daily living. To operate as an effective “kinetic chain”, our joints must be stabilised as forces are transmitted through them. Functional training tasks should, therefore, emphasise multi-joint movements where muscles work in coordinated task groups. They should also be dynamic enough to activate the reflexes that enhance the system’s stability and efficiency. If we allow and enable our bodies to do what they are designed and capable of doing then we naturally use them in a multi-joint functional fashion. Applying it to activities we do naturally and expanding on that, the list of different options is endless and you will find what suits

Step 5 Rejuvenate your senses

Stay in touch with your inner child. Hold on to your agility and escape the “mind prisons”. Enhancing your senses by participating in activities in the outdoors is amazing and will result in making you feel lighter and brighter . The air quality in Mauritius is one of the best in the world. Surrounded by miles of deep blue sea this lush beautiful island provides you with ample opportunity to get in touch with your senses.  Our senses are powerful and it is a treat for your mind to use them to their potential. Breathing in the sea breeze, feeling the wind on your skin and taking in the colourful environment with your ears and eyes consciously, will provide your mind with a fantastic break away from everything else. Add a level of activity to it and the benefits will increase even more.

Fitness Guru and all round nice girl, Gundula is a functional sports medicine specialist working with SP&Co helping to train the LUX*Me teams. Follow Gundula on;



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