The simple truth to well being

vegie body

We often over complicate our health. Modern medicine has become extremely good at critical care, however it has very few systems in place to empower the individual to take care of their own wellbeing. Medicine has developed to cater for the demand of disease, rather than looking at sustainable health promotion.

The fundamental element that modern medicine has forgotten is the body’s ability to heal itself. When you take a plant and don’t give it the environment that it needs to survive, it will slowly become unwell and eventually dies if you do not give it what it needs. However if you take a sick plant and give it the correct sunlight, water and nutrition it will heal itself. Our bodies are exactly the same. They have the innate ability to heal themselves if you give them the correct environment.

Unlike a plant, humans have the ability to give our bodies the correct environment. It is our choice. Yet humans often release their responsibility of their health to the physician. This is fundamentally wrong and this attitude needs to change for any real shift towards sustainable health care.

Health is really very simple when we break down the essential elements. So what do you need for our bodies to heal themselves?

Good quality, clean water. Enough to keep your urine clear during the day. Our bodies are over 70% water and it is critical to maintain hydration. Avoid carbonated sweet drinks, alcohol and excessive coffee which all have a negative effect on health.

Good quality nutrition. This means having your food as close to how nature has provided us with. Avoid all the junk food which has been over processed. Often good nutrition is simple food. Lean meats, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables. The greater a food has been processed, the less nutritional value and the harder it becomes to digest.

Be active. Unlike plants we need to move. A simple sign if you are moving enough is your weight. If you are overweight then either increase activity or reduce food intake focusing on consuming unprocessed foods.

A balanced mind leads to a balanced body. The best way to balance the mind is through the breath. Practice meditation and breath control to manage your mind. If your mind is consumed with stress, then a range of health conditions will manifest depending upon your state of health and genetic predispositions.

We often over complicate our lives and our health suffers as a result. Abandoning stress and leading a simple life in terms of diet and lifestyle will give your body the environment is needs to heal itself. This is the only form of medicine. Everything else is temporary. The body must be the physician otherwise you will find yourself in a never ending circle of painful symptoms as the body tries to restore wellbeing.


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