Sugar Addiction


We all love to have a little sugar however it is important to understand the health implications of too much sugar and refined carbohydrates. Diabetes, heart disease and weight gain are all directly linked to excessive sugar intake. Our bodies can manage small amounts of sugar, however in large amounts sugar becomes a poison.

Sugar is highly addictive. If you consume something sweet one day, then your body creates a physiological response to the sugar. If sugar is consumed regularly then the body will automatically reduce blood sugar levels in anticipation of the sugar high. This essentially is the sugar cravings people experience. Like any drug, the body requires more and more to obtain the same high. This is how a sugar addiction is created with a large percentage of society silently suffering from this addiction.

Elevated blood sugar levels then damage a range of organs and the circulatory system leading to the characteristic signs of diabetes and heart disease. The epidemic of diabetes is a symptom of the food manufacturing practices where sugar is added to almost all processed foods. The problem has become so large today that genetic weakness has developed in the children of diabetic parents, creating a strong family history of blood sugar disorders.

Here are some tips to cut down on your sugar intake which could save your life;

  • Make sure you have well balanced healthy meals so that you will not feel hungry between meals. Missing meals and trying to ‘diet’ will cause you to crave sweet foods.
  • Choose brown cereals rather than refined white ones. Brown bread and rice take longer to digest causing the blood sugar to not rise.
  • Sleep early. Late nights are often when people snack on sweets. A good night’s sleep also prevents low energy and sugar cravings through the day.
  • Sugar is highly addictive. If you eat sugar one day, your body will crave it the next. So avoid giving into the sugar cravings and the body will adapt in a healthy way and soon the sugar craving will stop.
  • Snack on a mix of nuts, seeds and dried fruits as a way to avoid sweet cravings. Dried fruits contain sugar; however it is much less harmful than refined sugar as the body can digest it better.
  • Cut down on tea and coffee if you have too much sugar. Use a natural honey as a sweetener instead of white sugar.
  • Exercise. Regular exercise helps to reduce blood sugar levels and encourages healthy sleep and natural weight control.
  • Reduce stress. Stress causes a rise in blood sugar resulting sugar cravings.
  • If you have sugar cravings take something bitter such as lemon or lime juice in water.

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