Metabolic Weight Loss Secrets

Metabolic Weight Loss Secrets


You are about to discover the two secrets to weight loss success that very few people know, yet affect most of the population. If you suffer from these imbalances and do not correct these simple metabolic processes then you will always find it difficult to lose weight and particularly fat from difficult areas.

The first metabolic activity that is inhibiting your weight loss is the body pH. That’s right, your acid and alkaline balance in the body has a large impact on whether you can lose weight easily or not.

The body tissue has an ideal pH range of 7.35 – 7.5. When the pH is higher than 7.8 or lower than 6.8, body cells and tissues stop functioning. Elevated acidity comes from a diet high in refined sugars, processed foods and junk foods.

But how does this affect how easy it is to lose weight? Firstly, as the body becomes more acidic, it sets up a defense mechanism to keep the damaging acid from entering into vital organs. The body does this by building fat deposits to protect organs. So while your system remains in an acid state you will always find it hard to lose weight.

Secondly, critical fat burning hormones such as leptins, insulin and thyroxine are inhibited when the body is in an acid state. They require a balanced pH to be active. Until your acid/alkaline balance is restored, your body will hormonally store fat. In other words your metabolism will stay slow while you have an elevated acid level.

The next metabolic condition is called Oxidation. A process that is critical to our survival, yet when excessive has a profound effect on your overall wellbeing and weight loss ability. Oxidation is basically rusting. Just like metal rusts in the environment, our internal organs are exposed to the same process of aging. Excessive oxidation is created from leading an unhealthy diet and lifestyle.

The higher the levels of oxidation in our bodies, the faster our bodies will age. The higher the level of oxidation, the more the body will create fat to protect itself from excessive oxidation.  Fat cells protect our bodies from acids and toxins. Increased levels of oxidation inhibit the very same hormones insulin, leptin and thyroxine which are used for weight loss.

When elevated levels of acidity and oxidation exist, the body will not want to lose the fat cells. It is a protective mechanism. Your fat is protecting your body from further disease associated with high levels of oxidation and acidity.

The simple cure to correct these metabolic imbalances is to improve your lifestyle and follow an alkaline forming diet high in plant based antioxidants. Apply these simple dietary principles in conjunction with a balanced exercise program and you will not only burn fat fast, but create the correct environment for your body to heal itself of a range of health problems. Sound familiar? Lead a healthy lifestyle, exercise and your weight will be balanced? Now you know the metabolic reason why following a healthy lifestyle is so important.


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