Simple tips for more energy

Woman-with-Glowing-Heart-123RF-300x300Would you like more energy? Most people will say a resounding ‘YES’ yet tend to do everything in their lifestyle to reduce their energy levels and stress their bodies. The good news is there is a range of ways to keep you bouncing through the day.

It is important to look at the key factors which reduce your energy levels. All the traditional factors such as excessive alcohol, smoking and junk foods need to be taken into consideration, however it is often subtle influences that combine to reduce the bodies overall energy levels.

The digestive system has a huge influence on energy levels. Over 50% of the bodies available energy stores are used in the digestive process. Over eating is a major cause of fatigue. By consuming a 1/3rd less, energy levels will increase dramatically. Eating a large evening meal late in the night is also another way to reduce energy levels in the morning. Having a lighter evening meal at 6pm in the evening will increase energy levels the next day as you will sleep deeper and wake feeling refreshed.

It is important to understand that for every artificial energy high, there is an equal and opposite low. Caffeine and sugar both artificially stimulate the body’s energy systems. We feel energized for a short period of time, however then discover you are yawning and lethargic a short time later. If this cycle is repeated several times a day a habit is established and your body will expect these artificial stimulants during the day. If you skip a dose, then your body will go into withdrawal symptoms and cravings will occur. This rollercoaster effect also influences the bodies sleep cycle, further compounding the fatigue.

So what to do? Remove all the artificial stimulants as quickly as possible, keeping in mind the withdrawal process. Then replace the sugary foods with whole grains, nuts and seeds to give you lasting energy through the day. The next step is to start regular balanced exercise. As your fitness levels increase, the improved energy metabolism used for the exercise is available during normal daily activities. It is important to not over exercise though as this will have a draining effect on your energy stores. Regular daily moderate exercise is the key.

Sleep is the most critical element to having abundant energy through the day. Not just 8 hours sleep though, but deep restful sleep. Stimulants such as coffee and sugar, artificial colours and flavours, preservatives, and fatty foods can cause sleep to be restless and light. When people follow detoxification programs they often comment how deep and restful their sleep has become. Stress is another factor which causes disturbed and restless sleep. Try to relax with a book or do a meditation before going to bed to release the days stress.

If you follow these simple tips you will feel more energized, revitalized and ready to take on the world. The human body is always looking for balance. The key is to remove the factors which are creating the imbalance and health will return.


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