If the average drinker of Coca-cola understood the long term implications then this business would be bankrupt in weeks. Here are some great alternatives to avoid the sugary drink market;
Lemon or lime juice in sparkling water
Apple cider vinegar in water
Vegetable juices– carrot, celery, chinese vegetables, beetroot, apple and ginger. Yes it has sugar however is easily assimilated by the average person. Dilute 50% in water if you have any blood sugar issues.
Diluted grape juice in water or sparkling water

OR just enjoy good old fashioned water. Our bodies are 70% water so every process is dependent on being hydrated. It is important not to drink too much though because when you sleep our bodies are expecting fluids which do not come, so you will inadvertently make yourself dehydrated every night. It is also best to slowly sip water than drinking large amounts at a single time.

Another trick to keep yourself hydrated is to consume healthy fats such as coconut oil. Healthy oils nourish our cell membranes which allows the cells to absorb and maintain healthy fluid levels.



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