Wellness Anti-aging


Anti-aging medicine is a revolution sweeping the world. People want to look and feel younger. Most treatments focus on the external signs of aging, using expensive creams and having invasive surgeries. The secret to healthy aging is turning your attention to the internal environment and creating optimal health within. This is Wellness Anti-aging.

Wellness anti-aging is not so much about increasing the natural lifespan; it is more about remaining healthy and active now and in the later years. By creating health and vitality, the body naturally age’s slower and your general appearance is more youthful and vibrant.

The process of aging is related to one simple process; “Oxidation”. Oxidation is the chemical reaction which occurs in our body damaging the tissues and cells. The greater the degree of oxidation in our bodies, the faster the aging process! Oxidation is the same process that occurs when metal rusts. As we age we are literally rusting. The key to natural wellness anti-aging is to minimise oxidation or internal rusting. So how do we avoid internal rusting?

Cleanse our bodies

Oxidation increases proportionately to the levels of internal toxaemia. Toxaemia is an inevitable consequence of living our modern lifestyle. The key is to regularly cleanse the body of these harmful by-products of life which are accumulative. Cleansing the body is similar to servicing your car regularly. Once your system has been cleansed you will feel more energetic, develop a natural glow and improve your resistance to disease.

Maintain a healthy diet

It sounds so simple, yet very few people have the knowledge to maintain a healthy diet. Here are a few tips which are specific to preventing the aging process;

Consume fresh berries

Berries contain high levels of anthocyanins that are natural antioxidants. The rich colour of berries indicates their nutrient dense quality.

Fresh juice

If you do nothing else for your health, have a fresh juice every morning. Vegetable juice provides you with high levels of enzymes and minerals, whilst fruit juices provide bio-available vitamins.

Reduce saturated fats

Saturated fats in the form of fried foods, red meat, refined oils and junk foods dramatically increase the level of internal oxidation. Unsaturated fats from virgin cold pressed oils, fish, coconuts and seeds are a much safer option to provide the body with essentially fatty acids.

Reduce refined or processed foods

Refined foods such as white rice, white flour, white bread and white sugar are all harmful to the body as they have lost many essential nutrients during manufacturing.


Maintaining a good fitness level is essential to minimise the aging process. Exercise increases the numbers of mitochondria in the cell which are responsible for energy production. Virtually all degenerative diseases show reduced numbers of mitochondria in the affected tissues. When cells cannot produce energy, they either malfunction or die. The exact effect of aging!

Make your new year’s resolution to improve your wellbeing and take advantage of what nature has provided to slow the aging process.


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