Happy Lemons


I was recently asked about the benefits of Lemons. Lemons can be a great adjunct for your health. The main actions of lemons and limes is the bitter element to assist in stimulating the digestion and liver. Taken before meals it will assist in preventing bloating and when taken first thing in the morning in warm water it helps to cleanse the liver and hydrate the body. Another beneficial action is Lemon helps to alkalise the system. Drinking lemon juice in a water bottle creates an alkaline state which benefits enzyme systems, glandular function and the immune system. So best thing to do is squeeze half a lemon in a glass of water in the morning and drink. Then squeeze the other half into a litre water bottle and drink through the day. But be aware it takes the enamel off teeth so make sure you brush your teeth well twice per day, ideally 3 times.


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