Healthy Kids

Healthy Children

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The old adage, ‘You are what you eat’ certainly rings true for many of our children today. Behavioral issues, immune suppression, lack of concentration, obesity, asthma, skin conditions and caffeine dependence are all directly related to the diet. Our children seem to be the biggest culprits for large organizations marketing their over processed foods. The further a food is removed from its original form, the harder it is to digest. Most popular children’s food is packaged, sweetened, pressed, and flavored. We often give our children these foods for convenience, reward or the simple fact they will not eat anything else.

So, the need to start your children on the right kind of diet early on in life cannot be stressed enough. All children should be breast fed if possible but once they are off breast milk, it is important to offer them the correct foods. Remember, most of your children’s eating patterns are firmly established by the time they are 5 years of age. Once your child is already 5 years old you have lost your opportunity for introducing major changes in their eating habits.

Many parents complain nowadays that their children are never hungry. This is often related to nutritional deficiencies such as B vitamins and Zinc. You can bring about dramatic improvements in your child’s appetite by withholding processed food. It can take some time and many battles, however a child’s appetite for natural fruits, vegetable and wholefoods return very quickly when processed foods are removed.

As a parent you will also notice very quickly changes in behavior, concentration, sleep patterns and general wellbeing of the child. The habit of using sweet foods to reward children is actually doing them more harm than good.

Another good way to ensure that your children are eating healthily is to ensure they sit down to eat with the family regularly. To make things even better, you can involve the children in the preparations for dinner. This way you can make your child appreciate his food more and by sitting down to eat with the rest of the family, the child can learn to eat right by watching the elders eat healthily.

The following nutrients are the common deficiencies amongst children today:

Vitamin C- is one of the most common nutrients affected by food processing and deficiencies. It is commonly linked with immune suppression.

Acidophilus- Studies have shown children with healthy levels of beneficial bacteria in the intestines are 5x less likely to develop common infections.

Zinc- Zinc is one of the most important nutrients for children. In a large-scale study it was shown children with adequate zinc levels had higher IQ’s and less learning difficulties. Zinc’s general function’s include- healing, immune function, skin disease, brain development and digestion.

Fish oils- A lack of good fats in the diet can result in a deficiency of essential fatty acids triggering, asthma, eczema, allergies, hyperactivity and poor immune function

Calcium- building strong healthy bones and teeth.

B vitamins- If your child is either lacking in energy, appetite or hyperactive.





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