Health Tips from Jo-Ann Strauss

I had the pleasure of meeting the inspiring and active Jo-Ann Strauss recently. Apart from being a television personality, model and former Miss South Africa, she also has a law degree.  I was interested in finding out a little more about how she stays in shape and her outlook on health and wellbeing. I like her approach of keeping it simple and a postive approach to life.

How many times a week do you get a chance to work out?
I try to exercise 3/4 times a week – mostly outdoors like a walk on the beach or tennis and sometimes cardio at gym. I like variation so I do Powerplate and BodyTec – more high-tech exercise and also Pilates.

What is your favourite way to exercise?
I prefer beach walks or even hiking up Cape Town’s awesome mountains and hills. Anything that also means that I can spend time in nature with my husband.

Do you follow any particular eating regime?
Not really – I believe in moderation and not cutting anything out. I’d rather exercise a bit more than deprive myself of chocolate cake 🙂

Do you every take any health supplements?

When you get sick, what do you do?
I’ll pop two Corenza C’s before bed and sleep 10 hours. Generally works – or Hot Toddy’s  -ginger, lemon, honey!

Do you have any secrets that keep you well?
Sleep and water and laughter – simple, effective and cheap!

For more information about Jo-ann,  like her facebook page or check out her website.

Thanks Jo-Ann




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