Energy and Health

Energy and Health


Energy is the secret to health and rejuvenation. No single physiological function in the universe occurs without energy. Energy is the substance which allows for everything in the universe to exist. Without energy there would be nothing!! Energy is therefore intimately linked to our health and wellbeing. If you can learn to stimulate the bodies own energy production, then you will discover the sacred fountain of youth- where you never thought to look for it.

Every living creature on earth needs to manufacture energy to survive. When organisms stop making sufficient energy for their requirements, they become diseased and die. The human body is exactly the same. The more energy it can produce, the healthier it will be. As our bodies reduce energy production, it slowly becomes more susceptible to disease and the aging process. By stimulating our body’s cells to produce more energy, then it has the ability to heal itself and rejuvenate. The ultimate anti-aging tool.

Central to our bodies energy production are organelles called Mitochondria. Mitochondria produce energy in our cells from glycogen which is the by-product of food metabolism. Mitochondria are very susceptible to external influences and need a constant healthy environment to ensure optimal energy production. In an ideal environment mitochondria will produce 36 molecules of ATP (energy) from 2 molecules of glycogen. In cancerous cells, mitochondria produce 2 molecules of ATP from every 2 molecules of Glycogen. This simple example illustrates the importance of optimal energy function.

The greater the energy reserves, the greater the bodies ability to heal and rejuvenate itself. As energy levels rise, the body must use the energy produced. Critical functions such as the heart pumping and digestion take precedent. Once all essential functions are provided for, the body will use the excess energy production to detoxify, repair and rejuvenate. The problem is most people never produce energy in excess due to their lifestyles.

Although we are talking about complex physiological reactions, the solution is very simple. There are 3 main reasons why mitochondria reduce energy production.

“Diet, Lifestyle, Fitness”

 Let’s begin with fitness. As we increase our fitness levels, so too we increase the number of mitochondria in our cells. The lifecycle of mitochondria is approx 9 days which is why it takes a few weeks to notice the improvement in fitness levels. The secret is to gradually build your fitness and not over train. Energy reserves are depleted if you overtrain. If you can slowly build your fitness and be consistent, mitochondria numbers grow and when not exercising the bodies energy reserves are high. The body can then use the excess energy to heal and rejuvenate.

Second is diet. Diet provides our bodies with the fuel source to manufacture energy. We often forget the importance of a healthy diet in producing energy. The key to having a diet which produces high levels of energy is to avoid refined foods. Basically the more food is refined, the more energy deficient it becomes. Foods like sweets, lollies, chips, fried foods, fast foods and junk food are all heavily refined and lacking in nutrition. The second element related to diet is the amount we eat. Animals fed 1/3rd less food live on average 1/3rd longer. Digestion takes up over 50% of our energy reserves. So overeating is one of the largest energy drainers on the body.

Finally is lifestyle. Balance is the key. If you burn the candle at both ends then energy reserves will become depleted, you will become unwell and age more rapidly. Everything in balance will save energy stores. The most important element to lifestyle is ensuring adequate sleep. Sleep is when our bodies repair. Lack of sleep will not only drain energy stores, but rob the body of time to repair itself, hence accelerating the aging process.

Now for the secrets. Nature has provided several super nutrients and medicines which can be used to naturally increase energy production. Phytomedicines such as ginseng, gingko biloba, withania and  bacopa all have a natural stimulating of energy levels, co-enzyme Q 10 is a major fuel source for mitochondrial function, B complex nutrients play an important role in energy production and minerals magnesium, potassium and zinc are all important. It is important to note artificial stimulants such as caffeine have a negative effect on energy stores.  If taking pills is not for you, then natural superfoods such as Wheatgrass, Spirulina, Royal Jelly, and Barley Grass provide a wide range of easily assimilated nutrients.

The human body is the same as a plant. If you give it the correct environment and food, it will flourish and heal itself. We often complicate our health, when in reality it is very simple. Look after yourself, eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, get plenty of sleep and maintain a positive, happy outlook on life. Your body will produce bounds of excessive energy, heal itself and you will feel and look ten years younger.


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