Secrets to Health and Vitalite

Secrets to Health and Vitalité

Health care systems today are disease management systems. As a result our health care providers focus on treating illness rather than educating people how to improve and stimulate health. Pharmaceutical companies are profiting whilst our health is failing.

The first and most critical fact to always remember is the human body functions the same as a plant. If you give it the correct environment, then it will flourish and heal itself. Our bodies possess many innate systems of healing and protection which are mostly ignored by modern medicine. Here are some very simple, yet powerful ways to create an environment where your body flourishes rather than failing.

Use food as a medicine to stimulate our own internal protective mechanisms. Foods which are naturally high in antioxidants boost our immunity, reduce inflammation and slow the aging process. All fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants with berries in particular being the richest source. A simple way to create a health tonic each day is to blend some berries, kiwi fruit, pineapple, melons and natural yogurt.

Avoid or minimize substances which create a stress on your body. Alcohol, smoking, sugar, bad fats and junk foods stress our systems. Our bodies focus on breaking down and excreting these substances rather than focusing on maintenance and repair. Your health goes into a slow degenerative process rather than regenerative one.

Maintain a good level of fitness. We all know it is important to exercise, but why? Exercise builds our natural energy production so that when at rest our cells can produce more energy. This energy can then be used to maintain our natural health building processes. Exercise also increases blood flow and strengthens the circulatory system, stimulates the lymphatic system, balances the glandular system and improves digestion.

Flexibility is another indicator of health and vitality. When we are born our bodies are naturally supple and as we age every part of our bodies become rigid and stiff. By regularly stretching our tissues remain supple and young. Stretching improves muscle tone, massages internal organs, releases stress and prevents age related pain.

Make sure you get sufficient sleep. Sleep is one of key tools our body uses to regenerate and heal itself. During sleep our bodies produce a range of chemicals to protect and rejuvenate. If you have been eating well, exercising and managing stress, your body will rejuvenate while sleeping. On the other hand, if you have been abusing your body, sleep quality will be poor and the time spent at sleep will be focused in eliminating the toxins from the system rather than rejuvenating.

We often complicate our health, when in reality it is very simple. Look after yourself, eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, get plenty of sleep and maintain a positive, happy outlook on life. Your body will produce bounds of excessive energy, heal itself and you will feel and look younger.


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