Dr Emoto

Water is amazing stuff. It is essential to all life and without it we die in about 3 days!!! Water does a lot more than simply hydrating our bodies. Water has the ability to cleanse our bodies not only physically, but mentally and spiritually.

What is little known about water is its ability to carry energy and information. Positive and negative.  The water we consume contains a raft of information and energy which can affect our wellbeing. I will talk a lot about what and its influence on our wellbeing, for now have a look at this very interesting video by Dr Emoto. Our bodies are approximately 70% water so it is interesting to think about how your thoughts influence your own wellbeing and that of others!!!

By the way, the picture on the main page of my blog is one that I took of the creek water in the black river national park where I live. Its the best tasting water I have ever had and it really boosts your energy.


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